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Kansas City Sanitary Pipe Installers

If you need knowledge and expertise in sanitary stainless steel pipe work in Kansas City, then contact the reliable team at TMS, Inc.

For over 40 years, we have been providing businesses of all different industries with valuable mechanical solutions to enhance the efficiency of their facility and their manufacturing processes.

We have worked hard to expand our capabilities over that time period and now offer a full suite of mechanical solutions in Kansas City, including sanitary pipe welding, forming, bending, fabricating and more.

The trusted sanitary pipe installers in Kansas City

Proper sanitary stainless steel pipe work is important for many applications — arguably, it is most crucial for companies that belong to the food, beverage and drug space. These are all sectors that are under the guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration, which carefully inspects facilities and production systems to ensure that products are manufactured to be safe and of the highest quality.

With TMS, Inc.  in your corner, you have experienced, knowledgeable professionals, not only handling Kansas City sanitary pipe welding and other services out in the field, but all aspects of your project — from the design and planning phase to installation and maintenance.

Work that meets the quality needs of our clients

With TMS, Inc. handling your Kansas City sanitary stainless steel pipe design, installation and maintenance, you can trust that the finished product will live up to even the most rigorously quality tests. Plus, we stand behind our work and will provide any follow-up service that might be needed.

The team at TMS, Inc. is standing by to discuss the Kansas City sanitary stainless steel pipe needs in your facility. Learn more about our capabilities and get a free estimate on your project.