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Kansas City Sanitary Piping Specialists

Is your Kansas City area business in the market for sanitary pipes and fittings? Do you have an application that demands superior hygiene and sanitation (i.e. food, beverage, drug production)? The team at TMS, Inc. can provide the resources and expertise you need for effective, cost-efficient solutions.

We’re sanitary tube specialists in Kansas City, teaming with a variety of businesses that demand solutions and systems that meet strict quality guidelines.

What we offer as your Kansas City sanitary piping specialists

TMS, Inc. can prove to be a tremendous resource if your business or operation requires sanitary piping in its facility. By working with TMS, Inc., you will gain access to:

  • Skilled labor that is on demand. Instead of investing in full-time employees to meet your skilled labor needs, you can rely on maintenance, repair and upgrades from our experienced, knowledgeable team of professionals.
  • Comprehensive capabilities. From manufacturing sanitary pipes and fittings to fabricating systems and assemblies in the Kansas City area, TMS, Inc. can play a role in your project from start to finish. We even have a team of designers on our staff that will help in the planning phases.
  • Problem solving from industry experts. The knowledge and experience on our staff comes in handy with addressing the challenges that inevitably crop up over the course of a project. We find ways to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your existing line or system.

TMS, Inc. are sanitary tube specialists in Kansas City with over 40 years of experience. Our work with sanitary piping, as well as a list of other mechanical solutions, is utilized on a daily basis with hundreds of clients throughout the area and the rest of the country.

Thank you for considering TMS, Inc. for your Kansas City sanitary pipe and fittings. Our team is standing by to discuss your needs.