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TMS, Inc. performs your process piping, millwright, equipment setting, design needs and more. Our program fits a diverse, specialized team to each project for effective,  quality service.

& Process

Our team’s full project capabilities allow us to execute projects in a timely and cost conscious manner. Our cross-craft expertise means that we can handle all project needs under one roof, minimizing the parties involved.

  • Structural design, process piping, millwright fabrication, personal safety needs, process flow, plant layout design and more.
  • New facility installations, existing plant capital improvements, expansions, relocations, shutdown work and ongoing support.

Process Piping

We serve many Customers’ with a wide range of specialized piping systems. These systems require maintenance, repairs and upgrades on a regular basis. We specialize in working at facilities that are operating 24/7/365 days a year and need a contractor who can successfully achieve their objectives and minimize plant downtime at every opportunity.

  • Automation of valving, service life replacement of components or entire system(s). Retrofits for increased capacity as their business grows. Innovation experiments or pilot studies for new process requirements.
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, schedule 10 through 120 wall thickness, galvanized copper, PVC, cast iron, chemical resistant lined pipe systems and more.
  • Utility piping, food grade and dairy piping, dry product conveying and dust collection piping.

Millwright &
Equipment Setting

Melding all of the pieces together is where TMS is your expert. Our prefabrication reduces downtime and our knowledge of all of the touch points in a plant allows for streamlined installations.

  • Blenders, tanks, palletizing equipment, platforms, catwalks, packing systems and more.
  • Catwalks, mezzanines, equipment structures, platforms, equipment protection and more.

Maintenance Service

We provide maintenance services for temporary or total coverage at your facility to assist when on-site maintenance departments are at capacity or a project doesn’t warrant a full-time position.

  • Special project support, vacation relief, shift coverage, planned maintenance or disaster recovery.

Design Services

We know how essential it is to utilize diagrams and plans that bring efficiency to your facility and minimize errors. Our design experts bring years of technical knowledge and experience in varying industries.

  • Staff safety, peak efficiency, installation simplicity and ease of future repairs and upgrades. 
  • Identify issues, redundancies and system problems prior to installation.

Industries We Serve

The diversity of our clientele and depth of knowledge of various fields allows us to remain an innovative solutions contractor. We cross train our employees in skills required to manage and deliver seamless service across various industries.

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