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Kansas City Robotic Orbital Welding Systems

Thanks to the most advanced robotic orbital welding capabilities in Kansas City, the team at TMS, Inc. is ready to meet the unique design, installation and maintenance needs of your facility or construction project.

With orbital welding and TIG welding that relies on automation and less on manpower, our Kansas City welding team is able to provide a finished product that is more time and cost efficient, higher in quality and consistency.

Leverage our advanced Kansas City robotic orbital welding systems

TMS, Inc.has been in business for over 40 years, and the experience of our staff goes far beyond that. Part of what makes TMS, Inc. so competitive is our commitment to education and utilizing the latest and greatest tools available.

With capabilities like automated TIG welding in Kansas City, we are more effectively able to design and install systems that will hold up to the rigors of your application.

Mechanical contracting — and the tools available to us — are quickly evolving. By showing a dedication to staying on the cutting edge of orbital welding in Kansas City, TMS promises that we can meet the changing demands of each client and the marketplace as a whole.

Consult with TMS about our Kansas City orbital welding and other capabilities

Here at TMS, Inc., we are proud to serve companies belonging to some of the most important industries in this country — from metal fabrication and water treatment to mining, chemical processing and more.

Not only do we offer some of the most advanced methods of mechanical solutions, but we’re problem solvers. From designing projects to utilizing our Kansas City orbital welding capabilities to bring those plans to life, we are dedicated to providing our clients with service that they can trust and rely on. Consult with the team at TMS Inc. about your mechanical solutions needs.