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Kansas City Tig Welding Machine

Using state-of-the-art Kansas City TIG welding machinery, and the many other cutting-edge resources in our facility, the team at TMS, Inc.is ready to meet your needs.

Our staff specializes in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding — just one of the many services and capabilities that we offer our diverse set of clients in Kansas City. TIG welding with stainless steel can help create the assemblies and systems that your production facility needs.

The advantages of TIG welding are overwhelming, which is why this method in used in so many different applications. These benefits include:

  • With our Kansas City TIG welding machine, we are able to weld a variety of metals and alloys. However, we specialize in TIG welding with stainless steel in Kansas City.
  • TIG welding also is a very clean form of welding, leaving behind no slag or splatter. This is important for cosmetic reasons and this method of welding is vital for sanitary piping systems that are created for members of the food, beverage and drug industries.
  • TMS, Inc. always is focused on quality. Through this form of autogenous welding in Kansas City, we are able to create superior welds that outmatch results from other methods.

TMS, Inc. is your trusted source for TIG welding and a wide variety of other mechanical solutions in Kansas City. We can service your existing lines and systems at your facility or handle new construction projects seamlessly. We practice close communication, transparent pricing and reliable service.

Consult with our team — put our vast capabilities to work for you

From our handy work with a Kansas City TIG welding machine to our extensive knowledge and experience with other mechanical solutions in Kansas City, trust a proven name in the industry by teaming with TMS, Inc.