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Kansas City Process Piping Engineering

Let qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals handle your Kansas City process piping design needs by working with TMS, Inc..

For over 40 years, we have worked closely with a long list of clients, providing for the piping needs of their facilities. From our piping engineering in Kansas City that offers an intelligent design for your system to our highly trained field technicians that implement the solutions, we leave our clients with quality products that will bolster their efficiency.

About our process

When it comes to taking a piping project from concept to reality, TMS, Inc. follows a thorough process that allows us to produce quality, consistent results for each client that we work with.

  • First, we start with pipe drafting and design. In Kansas City, there are no one-size-fits-all piping solutions — each client and application has different needs and challenges. This is the phase in which we address those challenges and account for special needs, taking into consideration such vital factors as flow rate, pressure, temperature and more.
  • We then take that process piping design and we implement it using some of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff members in the business. TMS, Inc. features construction professionals and project managers on our team to ensure that your project moves along seamlessly and creates little disruption for your facility or operation.
  • The team at TMS, Inc. stands behind all the work that we do. That’s why each project ends with rigorous testing so that we can spot any potential problems that may cause issues down the road. If we find anything, we will fix it promptly.

Leaders in piping engineering in Kansas City

TMS, Inc. can oversee your project from start to finish, offering quality in every phase. Our Kansas City process piping design team would be happy to talk to you about the needs of your operation.