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Kansas City Industrial Piping Design

Tap into expert Kansas City industrial pipe design by teaming with the staff at TMS, Inc.. For over 40 years, we have provided high-value, cost efficient mechanical solutions for our clients in Kansas City — many of which are still clients of ours.

As a proven Kansas City industrial piping specialist, our team is capable of developing highly efficient piping systems for your facility. We meet the needs of your project from start to finish — starting with the design phase, where our experienced staff can diagram your system and map out your process.

Providing cutting-edge industrial pipe welding in Kansas City

The stakes are high when it comes to Kansas City industrial pipe design, installation and maintenance work. Errors or poor design for lines and systems can have profound effects on your operation, including:

  • Compromising the safety of your staff. Safety for your employees, facility and the environment is one of our top priorities as a trusted Kansas City industrial piping specialist.
  • Crippled efficiency. Intelligent design with piping is essential in obtaining peak efficiency. Poor design can drain the efficiency from your operation.
  • The need for costly repairs. Poor design in your lines or systems could be a drain on your financial bottom line by requiring repairs and upgrades, which are avoidable expenses by working with the right Kansas City industrial piping specialist.

From chemical processing operations to water treatment and dairy facilities, TMS, Inc. works with a wide range of clients to meet their industrial piping needs — from design and implementation to repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

Lean on a proven resource for Kansas City industrial pipe design and other important mechanical solutions. Consult with the team at TMS, Inc. for your industrial piping needs.