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Kansas City Food Grade Tubing

Finding the right resource for Kansas City food grade tubing and stainless steel fabrication is important in this critical industry. Companies are up against some of the most stringent guidelines that have been set in place by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Luckily, with TMS, Inc. as your Kansas City tubing provider, you can trust that your construction project will be executed flawlessly.

The team at TMS, Inc. specializes in working with food grade tubing in Kansas City, customizing assemblies that fit the unique needs of your application — whether you own and operate a brewery or require solutions for a dairy farm (and everything in between).

Our team promises efficient construction and reliable support

TMS, Inc. has assembled one of the most impressive teams for your Kansas City food grade tubing. All of your needs are handled under one roof by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

From our draftsmen/designers that can handle the planning phase of the project to our expert project managers that keep everything in accordance with your timeline, you can trust that when you work with TMS, Inc., you are going to get results and it’s going to be delivered with impeccable service.

Trusted Kansas City tubing provider for decades

TMS, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has expanded and enhanced its capabilities with each passing year. In addition to specializing in food grade tubing, we offer clients from a variety of industries with a wide range of mechanical solutions.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers — addressing challenges out in the field on the fly with poise and precision. We have the needs of your project covered and we promise to stand behind our work.

Our team is standing by to analyze your Kansas City food grade tubing needs and how we can best serve you. Ask us for a free, no-obligation estimate.