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Kansas City Double Containment Piping Systems

The Kansas City double containment piping systems designed, installed and maintained by the team at TMS, Inc. have been relied upon by businesses belonging to a variety of industries that handle hazardous materials.

These solutions are essential for protecting workers and the environment as a whole. With our Kansas City lined piping systems, our clients can rest assured that, when a leak develops in the primary pipe of a system, the material will remain contained in the piping system.

Manufacturing quality dual containment pipe in Kansas City

TMS, Inc. has the capabilities to design, implement and maintain double containment piping systems in the Kansas City area that satisfy even the stringent guidelines set forth by the country’s Environment Protection Agency.

Some of the clients we work with must be in compliance with these guidelines, otherwise they face stiff penalties or a complete halt to their operation as a whole. The stakes are certainly high, which is why the knowledge and experience on staff at TMS, Inc. is so valuable in these scenarios.

Talk to the staff at TMS, Inc. for more information on our capabilities

Regardless of the scope of your needs, the team at TMS, Inc. is ready to overcome the challenges of your application and equip your facility with the necessary solutions. We handle all aspects of the project — from designing your system and installing it in the field to providing the regular maintenance that it requires.

Learn more about our capabilities with double containment piping systems in Kansas City by consulting with our staff.