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Kansas City Best Mechanical Contractors

Add the technical knowledge and extensive experience of some of the best Kansas City mechanical contractors to your team by working with the staff at TMS, Inc.

For over 40 years, we have worked with companies belonging to some of the country’s most storied and essential industries. This includes such lines of work as chemical processing, water purification, oil and gas and more.

These businesses rely on us as their top mechanical contractors in Kansas City because we are problems solvers. When they encounter an issue, we find a solution and we execute on it efficiently. We’re in the business of providing reliable service and support for our clients in order to keep them efficient and productive.

What makes TMS the best Kansas City mechanical contractor?

TMS, Inc. stands above the many other mechanical contractors for a variety of reasons. When you work with TMS, Inc., you can count on:

  • A safe and efficient work environment.
  • A responsive approach to working with our clients. When you have needs, we’re ready to act. We believe in quality work that is delivered via client-friendly service.
  • All your needs covered under one roof. We have a design/drawing team in order to design system changes — you don’t have to rely on a third party engineer or designer for such purposes. By being able to lean on TMS, Inc. for all of your mechanical solutions, you are saving time and money.
  • A staff that stands behind its work. As the top mechanical contractors in Kansas City, we stand behind our work and will make sure that it is executed in accordance with your needs and expectations. Any mistakes that are made along the way are quickly resolved.

There is little mystery as to why our clients have been clients for a long time. We forge long-lasting relationships that are rooted in our reliable, cutting-edge mechanical solutions.

Team with the best mechanical contractors in Kansas City by consulting with the staff at TMS, Inc.